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Melamine foam(melamine foam resin), a foam - like material consisting of formaldehyde-melamine-sodium bisulfite copolymer, it is a new type of environmental sponge which being widely used in the world.


Cas no:3089-11-0

Hs code:3921199000

The specification of our melamine foam as following:



Tensile strength(kPa):100minimun

Elongation at break(%):20minimun

75% compression set(%):10maximun

Resilient (%):55minimun

Tear strength(N/cm):20minimun

Sag performance:Sag force(when Sag25%)100(N)minimun

Sag(25% /65%):2.0minimun

Thermal conductivity:0.04max

Fire performance:



Application temperature:150℃ (max.) for long time and 180℃ for short time.

Acoustic absorption: 90%min(2000Hz)


in paper box or packed by PVC film. We can supply the size 800x250X2500mm,10X7X3mm,10X6X2mm,9x6x3mm etc.(depends on the size of the melamine foam which customer needs)

The features and applications of Melamine foam

Melamine foam is a new type of high opening role rate 3-D grid structure foam. As a kind of low density, flame retarding, sound-absorbing material, it shows excellent sound absorption, flame retarding, thermal insulation, damp and hot stability, healthy, safety and good comprehensive properties . It has been widely used in the civil, building, transportation, aviation, military, daily electronic information and other fields, especially suitable for flame retarding, noise reduction and cleaner(It is used as the component of Magic Eraser and similar cleaning products).The melamine foam is a new environmental material which has great prospects in the 21 century.

1. Sound-absorbing

Melamine foam has 3-D grid structure system and high opening hole rate, of which the L/D rate is between 10 to 20.Due to the high opening hole rate (as high as 99% min.), the sound waves can effectively go deep into innermost of the foam and can be consumed and absorbed, also the foam can effectively eliminate the reflection wave.

Sound absorbing Material

Cinema sound-absorbing

Household adornment sound-absorbing; Vehicle interior sound-absorbing

2. Flame retarding properties

Because of its special chemical structure, without adding any flame retardant, melamine foam can achieve DIN4102 B1 level (low flammability materials specified standard,Germany standard) and UL94 V0 level (high flame retardant materials specified standard,the American Association of Insurance standard) . General plastics foam will decompose at high temperature and will release toxic gases which can kill people, in the case the fire will cause secondary disasters and environmental pollution. And melamine foam does not produce dripping, harmless materials under the condition of open flames. It produces only a small amount of smoke.

melamine foam with flame retardant properties

In rapid carbonization prevent fire burning

3. Thermal stability

Melamine foam is a thermosetting foam, it has a dense 3-D and cross-linking mesh structure system, Compared with PE,PP and PU, it has good heat-resistant stability and aging resistance. It can work stably without any decomposition under 150 ℃ for long time , and can work under180 ℃ for short time

        The air conditioning system

4. Heat insulation heat preservation

Melamine foam is a kind of very light material, the density is only 7.5-9.5 kg/m3, the opening hole rate is as high as 99% min., the 3-D grid structure can effectively block air to transfer heat, The unique thermal stability property makes it to be used as one of the lightweight thermal insulation material that difficult to replace

Melamine foam, the thermal insulation material

After processed into special-shaped material ,melamine foam is used as the thermal insulation material in many industry areas

5. clean eraser

Due to the stable chemical structure and cross-linking system ,the melamine foam has unique chemical stability and can meet the requirements of food sanitation standard.

One of the most important applicants of melamine foam is used as clean eraser. It is microporous and its polymeric substance is very hard, so that when used for cleaning it works like extremely fine sandpaper, getting into tiny grooves and pits in the object being cleaned. But on a larger scale the material feels soft. Now, it is widely applied in making clean appliance for household .The melamine foam clean eraser has a famous name ”Magic Eraser”.

melamine foam - cleaning pad

6. After machining

Melamine foam can be easily shaped and processed to sheets or irregular forms by machining means such as cutting, scraping and revolving. Meanwhile, its surface can be made cone shaped and wedge-shaped to meet the requirements of best sound absorption.

best sound absorption material